Riding the waves and the ups and downs of life

The ferry got very hairy. Quite amusing watching drinks flying off tables and people walking like they’ve been on the mamba, until that is you would like to sleep. A long term regular passenger (truck driver) said to me it was pretty bad. Much calmer this morning thankfully.

A bit of inside info for you bike racing fans … The legend that is Michael Dunlop will be in the South of Spain this week testing the V4 Ducati with the intention of a TT ride. According to one of the Ducati BSB team I bumped into anyway.

I went out on deck to get some air just now and got chatting to a fella who was on his way to Tenerife to live with his wife who had a stroke a few years ago. The sun and lack of stress was good for her. His steely blue eyes were a window to something deeper however.

He told me that he was an ex fire fighter and soldier. After a few stories I asked him if he got support for his mental health as it must have been difficult. His permanently small pupils were telling me all was not well.

He opens up about suicide attempts, deaths, guilt and the meds he takes. I just listened. His stories touched upon some truly horrific things. Northern Ireland, house fires, RTAs etc. He was angry at the press and government over Grenfell as the truth was very different.

He once did talks to kids about road safety etc., ironically he got nicked on a gpz900r doing 100+ and got banned which we laughed about. An absolute gent.

We shook hands and wished each other well. I turned, welled up and wanted to hug the shit out of him. I didn’t. I truly hope that Tenerife is good for him too.

So many people are fighting very tough battles that we are oblivious to. It is important that we are kind and understanding.

ETA 1 hour.

Peace out.