Some bullet points …


  • Always check your passport!!
  • Learn the road signs of the country you are traveling in
  • It is safer to ride on the correct side of the road
  • You really don’t need many clothes or much else to be honest
  • Travel lighter. Books – use a kindle instead (I have read 10 pages of my books so far and they are not small)
  • Either have a satnav and a phone or a phone and camera, not just a phone – stopping to take photos when your phone is in the tank bag viewing pouch thing is a pain (satnav + phone probably best imo)
  • If possible position your satnav so you can see it without moving too much
  • In helmet speakers/headphones would be a brilliant addition I imagine (satnav instructions, music)
  • Being “vegetariano” in Spain and Portugal is like being one in the UK 40 years ago. They also confuse it with being a vegan too (some assume you won’t eat eggs and dairy)
  • A 110V travel kettle and lots of uht milk sachets wouldn’t have been a bad idea (with tea bags obviously)
  • Anything that you cannot leave securely on your bike make sure you can carry it along with everything else – A top box is a must in my opinion
  • Writing a blog is time consuming, but worth it (primarily this is blog is for me, my journal. If others read it and benefit then great)
  • The police in the UK are generally much friendlier and more helpful than in EU countries – appreciate that fact (they have a tough job. Say thank you, buy them a coffee if they are in the queue at Starbucks for instance)
  • You can never have enough fridge magnets


  • Don’t rush. Take breaks – stretch your legs, give your head time.
  • Don’t do too much
  • Stay fed and hydrated
  • Try and sleep as much as possible
  • Relax and enjoy the moment (Constantly remind myself to relax when riding; drop the shoulders and chill)
  • Don’t stay couped up in a hotel room. Walk. Look around
  • Focus, zone out of anything that is not the job in hand – riding is mediation
  • Disconnect as much as possible. News, social media, email.
  • Let loved ones know you are ok. They worry
  • Never underestimate the kindness of strangers
  • Be a kind stranger
  • If riding into a small town doing the stated 30kph, navigating speed humps etc. whilst locals gawp at you, makes you feel like a Clint Eastwood character in a Western, riding into town, brilliant, that was exactly where my head was at 😁
  • The Gallagher brothers should have bought motorbikes or looked further than the local off license (work it out)

National/Cultural differences

  • Black tea should never be drank with hot milk, ask for frio leche
  • Learn some of the language, 10 words can help a lot (hello, goodbye, thank you, please, cold milk etc.)
  • Have a loose understaning of road signs, speed limits, road etiquette etc.

Google maps

  • Time estimation is just a wild guess
  • It does not differentiate in road types. Single width dirt tracks are perfectly adequate routes it believes
  • I would have been lost without it