A different route

74 days. 74 days without booze if I exclude one night a few weeks ago. I didn’t see that as a fail. There are no rules. It was confirmation that when things get a bit too much alcohol is not the solution.

Real people, family and genuine friends are the comfort you need. They make time regardless of their own shit. Their support is what will see you through a rough patch not Gin. Hold them close, they are a rare.

Never say never however; I am quite enjoying not drinking. It was a compulsive thing. Habitual. I am more relaxed in my thoughts, generally. Less anxiety. More positive. I am not committing to any future. Just appreciating now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still stressing about stuff but my reaction is less frantic (apart from one stand out anomaly, which was atypical in circumstance). The whole corona virus is distorting reality however so I have no idea what is normal currently.

My thoughts are rarely about booze anymore, although they sometimes were a constant distraction e.g. “A what point can I be sure I don’t need to drive anywhere so I can have a drink”. I was not drinking heavily on a daily basis, but too much regularly and to excess on nights out and weekends. Any excuse. I did not feel hungover, however now I feel more awake. I guess, it is similar to someone realising they are becoming overweight before the seemingly inevitable morbid obesity is reached.

WTF has this got to do with bikes? The decision to find sobriety came half way through a bike trip. Would it have happened anyway ? May be at some point, but definitely not that point in time otherwise. I have also found the motivation since to start a project bike.

The dangers of motorbikes are often discussed (rightly so, they are dangerous), however, the benefits rarely get a mention.

One thought on “A different route

  1. Tony 10th May 2020 / 9:45 pm

    Booze is a battle that we think helps sometimes but regularly blurs reality even when the world is still turning. You’re showing huge strength so please carry on – from a drinker!!!!!!

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