World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World suicide prevention day.
2020 has been particularly hard for many people. Advances in technology and global capitalism are in general not making us any happier.

Social media distorts reality. People living ‘their best life’ and bombardment of tragedies. What you follow becomes an echo chamber to the point of overload. There are also strategic high-level shit going behind all main social media sites, just be aware.

Statistics show little correlation between suicide rates and wealth. A slight trend to equatorial regions having lower rates, but not much else besides the society that you live in, age group and gender, based on my very limited research.

Men still battle the macho expectations and feel weak opening up about issues. “Big boys don’t cry” was a common mantra when I was young. The British fighting spirit! Suicide rate in soldiers does not support this mindset sadly.

Many don’t want to listen to people ‘just being miserable’ and getting dragged down; self preservation. Completely understand this and you yourself have to be in a good place to help others. Statistics show that helping others makes people happier.

It is human nature to feel depressed at times. Go with it. However feeling hopeless, a burden, trapped, living in fear of not able to provide, not seeing joy in things, constantly comparing to others, guilt etc. is not a sustainable way to live. Many hide this and appear fine until they are not.

Just because, in whatever state you get yourself into, you are convinced that there is no way out, there absolutely is!. Happiness is not stuff, jobs, houses, cars (motorbikes excluded), clothes, how you look in an Instagram picture, what others think of you. It comes from inside and your perception of the outside.

Taking time to look after your head is not selfish, far from it. Taking time to ask others how they are and actually listening is not being nosy or risking your own happiness. Asking others for help is not weak but one of the bravest things you can do. Please be brave.

Be kind to others. Their actions may be reflective of a troubled soul that needs some kindness to help it heal.

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