2020 What a Year!

Well as 2020 draws to a close in a few weeks it is only natural to reflect, especially given the events.

Covid has certainly shown many people in their real light. People looking after the vulnerable and being so very brave and selfless (I am so grateful for such beautiful souls), yet others being utterly selfish beyond comprehension. The latter coming from a place of ignorance I am sure. Compassion for your fellow humans is not difficult. However with a government that has demonstrated how self serving and inhumane it is then it is not a great example.

There is reason to be more upbeat however. A vaccine is now being administered and Trump will soon be out on his fat orange arse. We just need the UK to come to it’s senses and get the current government out (and a vaccine for Stupid). I really think once covid is behind us that we should riot. Peacefully obviously. These public school folk need a wake up call.

On a personal note it has been a very turbulent year. Some very bad times, yet as with most things, the Yin and Yang of life, there has been some truly joyous things. 2021 will certainly be very different for me and my loved ones. Life is a crazy ride sometimes; A roller coaster that would not even pass the most relaxed of safety standards.

The Isle of Man TT races is cancelled again for 2021 and that could mean the end of an era for some (John McGuiness for one). 2022 will be a party no doubt and I have every intention of being there.

A credit for a cancelled channel crossing into the EU will be used at the earliest convenience. Into a land that we can no longer say we are part of. Many voter’s tricked into deciding the future, predicated on lies.

So where will I go?

France by default. Spain (Madrid and the Pyrenees) or maybe Italy and the Alps. I am not making too many plans or dreams just yet.

The CB500S project will most certainly be sold as spares as I do not foresee my time, enthusiasm and energy being available. It does not owe me much and I am sure eBay will return most of that.

I will no doubt write a whole list of things that I want to do in 2021 and will very likely not get to do many of them. We should all have goals and dreams however.

One thing is for sure, the adventures and experiences will undoubtedly be 2 wheels related and filled with joy and memories. There has been enough heart ache and nightmares.

Whatever the event, however painful, I do believe one should always look for something to learn from it.

Joni Mitchell once sung “That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Bob Dylan “The times, they are a-changin’ “. However, none more apt than the following, from my yet to be released song “I am utterly lost, my head’s in bits. My life is a toilet and I’ve got the shits. A flush, a wipe, these days will surely pass. Stand tall, don’t look back, shake that fecking ass!”. It may need work, especially for radio.

2020 has changed the filter through which I see the world. For the better? I really do not know yet, it is early days.

All the best for 2021!

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