A week to go …

In one weeks time I will, hopefully, be in my new home. A 1950s 2.5 bed semi. Lots to do on the DIY front, slightly overwhelming but all manageable, time and cash permitting

The biggest issue is the lack of garage, needed to house my my motorcycle and tools etc.

In my simple mind a large shed would suffice in the short term. Little did I know until a few days ago that there is a national shed shortage. Many people having office sheds or leaving commercial property to set up shop in a cheaper alternative, having increased demand. Even the materials to build your own are in short supply.

A garage build seems like a long way off, so I think the only sensible thing to do, if a DIY shed build is proving difficult,  is to remove the dining room window, put patio doors in its place and use that as a garage. Not ideal, however a viable option. I suspect house insurance will not cover for such shenanigans.

This is the scariest adventure for as long as I can remember. A path taken out necessity rather than desire. The great unknown, no turning back, not a temporary experience. Need to get my big boys pants on and suck it up. Nobody is going to come and rescue me.

Me, a pile of books (I intend to start reading), clothes, tools and my bike. I even bought tires and grips (old one disintegrated) for my mountain bike as I intend on pedalling to keep me occupied.

Although, when money allows, I will buy a TV, I am not planning on getting a license. The reasoning is not just political (Biased BBC is managed by significant Tory donor), but that if I cannot watch live TV (licence does not just apply to BBC channels!) I won’t use it much and do something more constructive instead. I am not convinced of my own will power on this yet.

I spent more time buying a weekly food shop in the supermarket than I did looking at this house and it is by far the biggest purchase I have ever made. I am sure there are lots of things to do that I am currently unaware of. Needs a new roof too.

I have no idea how people get by in other parts of the country where housing is significantly more expensive. I can easily imagine mortgage/rent being at least half someone’s take home pay.

So the next chapter is a mere page turn away. Eek!!!

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