Almost 3 months …

My new life, living on my own for the first time ever, is almost 3 months old. Initial impression is, it will be OK. When I started this blog I had no idea the title ‘Lone’ Rider would have such depth. Good days and bad days … Just have to roll with them I guess.

It seems way longer than 3 months; When your perception of time slows down it is an indication that you are more in the moment. Typically you are more in the moment when lots of things change as you are viewing things for the first time. Yet we all fear change to some extent.

So what’s new?

I have now moved out of the family home into a “doer-upper” that requires a shed load of work. More work than I had hoped but all I could afford. Subconsciously, at the time of purchase, I was scared of being lonely and lots of DIY was a long-term distraction. Also, I am rarely proud of what I do, yet I was of all the work I did transforming my previous house.

I currently have a chair and a small table to sit at and a TV in a big box as the lounge is not fit to inhabit yet. I am not in any rush, however it would be nice to slump on a sofa watching a film and have visitors round for a brew. 

The MOST exciting News (for a very long time) is that I am now a granddad!!!

Darcie Lou was born a month early in early June. My Daughter and partner have coped amazingly well, my wife has been great too supporting them as much as possible (living in the same house).

Darcie is the most beautiful and content baby I have seen since my children were babies. Although I am not naturally paternal (which saddens me), I find it amazingly therapeutic sitting and just looking at her in absolute awe at how fantastic mother nature is.

I cannot wait to watch her grow and for her to start talking etc. Amazing. Truly amazing.

A bittersweet situation as I am visitor in the home I was integral too and where my granddaughter now lives, and just dropping in is not easy given covid etc. It can be gut wrenching leaving after a visit. That drive home to an empty, currently unwelcoming house. That will change, I know it will.

With regards to motorbikes I have managed to get a few miles in thanks to sunny days. Many difficulties motivation wise, however a good ride is always brings benefit in the form of smiles and a mental reset.

Riding feels different now. Those Sunday morning rides to get away from it all … … and returning to somewhere that is currently a house but not yet a home.

I have built a large shed which more than adequate for weather protection and security. I had hoped to make one from wood but covid and brexit has hit timber supplies and cost. So a metal one, lined in plywood so limit condensation. Time will tell.

My project bike is not going to happen as time is short and motivation is very low. As a winter hack a road worthy bike is a better bet. As a project bike a more desirable bike is better starting point.  When time allows and I have the documents (lost) it can be sold on.

Hope anyone reading this is keeping well and safe.

2 thoughts on “Almost 3 months …

  1. Tony 28th Jul 2021 / 2:59 pm

    It’s great that you are still able to find the time for these snippets and hopefully you find them useful. Those of us that know you personally (not biblically I hasten to add!) are proud of the steps you’ve taken and we know you’ll be rayt!
    The house will feel more like a home soon, you watch!

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    • twowheelsheal 28th Jul 2021 / 4:17 pm

      Everything is transitional. Thank you for your kind words and when you next look in the mirror (I know you do this a lot 😉) you will see a kind soul who was there when I needed them most. That should fill you with immense pride as it really did make an enormous difference X.


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