A long time ago …

I was reminded the other day, whilst chatting to a good friend, that I once wrote an article for small motorcycle publication. Over 19 years ago apparently.

I was a regular reader of such magazines as it was just ordinary people talking about their motorcycling shenanigans. A welcome change from the journalist with the latest bikes at their disposal.

What an awful job those guys had … Forced to ride around on say an RC30 or 916, in exotic locations, get photographed doing mad stuff and then writing about it. I hope they were paid handsomely for enduring such a torturous job.

Obviously I kept said magazine so I could reminisce in years to come … Like now

You will have to zoom in to read the words due to my poor editing skills. Or just scroll down a bit …

Anyway, what’s been going on?

Sunny days and the Honda has been scratching around the Peaks and Wales. I mostly end up at Matlock Bath eating chips. Motorcycling gladiators need a modern diet to keep on top of their game.

The weather has turned wet and grey so the excitement has been now curtailed in the main it seems. If only I had a house load of DIY to do and a demanding slave like job to keep me occupied.

Editing skills perfected …

Until another time. Take care. The sun will shine again. When it does, make the most of every bit that you can.

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