A lovely tribute

So we met at the crematorium and paid our respects to a legend that the world is worse off without.

Soon after we gathered in a near by pub. Lots of photos showed and stories shared. One thing is for sure, John was very much loved. He touched the heart and souls of those that knew him best.

I would give so much to be able to give him a hug right now. Hopefully the love shared today will reach him in some way. I know he was not one for sentinel nonsense, however he would be so honoured to have seen the love and respect that he received today. He bought together people that had not seen each other for a long time and that in it’s self is a lovely thing.

Pat, John’s Mum, paid for the first round and TW gave a beautiful speech that had me fighting back the tears (which I saved for when I was I at home).

I sat with Hannah, John’s niece, who was 4 years old, when John passed, and talked her through many photos and stories and she laughed with so much joy in her heart. An uncle she never really had. However , she clearly had inherited John’s love of chaos and adventure.

Dave, John’s brother, was also intrigued, by some of the many stories that were shared.

It is difficult to imagine anyone who would attract so much love after being gone 20 years. John was that man. I an absolute legend in so many ways.

I have privately sobbed today. More than once. However, what an absolute privilege it was to know John and his friends. I often feel that I need to move on from the level of grief that I have. However, on reflection why the fuck should I? Grief is just love that you can no longer transmit to those that are no longer here. I am content to break down and hold my head in my hands and sob every now an again.

Hold those that matter most very close to your hearts and let them know how much they mean to you.
It is not the most masculine of things to do on traditional values, however it is about fucking time that we forgot those ridiculous stereotypes and openly showed our love.

Peace out x

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