Summer is coming … Following the rainbow

The thought of hot balmy days, mooching around with people who are fun to be with, is something to really look forward to. Forget about the bullshit for a few hours and soak up the sun.

“Calm waters never made the best sailors”

Life is changing pretty fast at the moment for lots of people that I know. Some very difficult times and challenges ahead. However, the direction of travel for most seems positive. It is worth noting, helping those that you can by being kind is good for your soul and receiving kindness is a lovely thing #bekind.

I need to get out on my bike again. It’s been cold and miserable recently. When life goes fast, go for a blast to slow it all down. No time to think about stuff apart from the next bend. Sanctuary and meditation in a crash helmet.

My motivation for work, DIY etc. has been waning. This is not because I am depressed and lacking joy in things, the exact opposite. I have much better things to do. I appreciate quality time with those that I enjoy.

Who are these ‘people”, My family. My children and granddaughter. My friends (small network). My …. Big drum roll … Partner.

I am not one to discuss my private life, especially not on social media, however this is blog is pretty low key and anonymous.

I will refer to her as TK. We met online. Those apps are horrendous (I only used one). Lots of people trying to promote themselves with a few words and photos only to be swiped away like someone choosing home decor.

I was almost ready to call it a day after literally a few days of curious scrolling. Then I saw a very pretty lady with a cheeky smile. Her profile was honest and not superficial. I sent her a message thinking it would be ignored. It wasn’t. Weeks of getting to know eachother followed, where I flatly refused to meet her “I came looking out of curiosity, not to actually find a date …”. She laughed at me, still does. Anyway after talking for hours on text and being completely intrigued by her, we nervously met.

I was gobsmacked that someone like TK would even like me, nevermind want to see me again. Anyway … Almost 4 months later here we are, seems like so much longer.

I annoy her. I know that I do. Apparently I talk a lot and ramble on. Me?!. Wow!! 😁

I don’t believe in fate. I do believe in coincidence and making your own luck.

TK met two of my children a few weeks ago on the basis that they would ask to do so when they are ready, not forced upon them. It went well (see previous post). Child (adult) number three is playing a gig next week and we are both going to watch. Very excited. TK will also meet a very close friend. No concerns here. I have discussed them both at length with each of them.

Although not a biker, TK, is willing to go on the back of my bike. Her suggestion not mine. I tried to put her off. The responsibility of taking a pillion is a big one to me. However some exciting times lie ahead, bike related or not.

Lots of adventures beckon. Enjoying the now.

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