Sunshine and smiles, mostly…

Summer is coming!!!

I have secured the lockup mini garage for my bike as previously mentioned. Got a solar trickle charger and some 12v lights. Security is as good as it will ever be. Got a ground anchor just for extra measure however. Just need time to sort it all out and move my bike from its current stable.

To get out for an hour or so and scratch around the peaks, and get in the zone will be great.

3 days, 2 nights at the iomtt is less than a few weeks away… Time going fast in some regards, in others, much slower. It has been postponed for a while due to covid. Looking forward to it, although I am so glad it is a short stay and not the 9 days originally planned.

I was, in my mind at the time, destined to be single forever more and would not be thinking about leaving someone for a week or so. I still make excuses in mind to why I should cancel going… Last night it was the weather.

I need to find all my camping gear and essentials. I have no idea where some stuff is due to house move etc. The day of my return (midnight ferry arrival) my granddaughter will be 12 months old!!!

The last 12 months have been crazy. Yet amongst the madness and chaos I have found something truly wonderful – myself

Sitting in a dirty old house for the first night, alone, fearful and distraught, with your (very few) possessions surrounding you, makes you realise a few things. Nobody is coming to sort your mess out. It all rests on your own shoulders. Dig in. Change is the only constant in life.

A the risk of descending into some virtual signalling nonsense… I will refrain. This is not a motivational, ego massaging blog. However, life can be hard and emotions can be intense.

Having someone to listen to you is an absolute blessing. Some things are very difficult to discuss, however best out on the table regardless. I did not realise the value of this 12 months ago and the connection it ultimately provides.

We have planned a walking holiday later in the year. Never done this kind of thing before and I am so excited. Over 20 miles walking in a day somedays. I have no idea why I am so excited 😉

Opportunity to get fit and kick start some better lifestyle habits. Not as though regular pub visits and a temporary relapse into tobacco is a bad thing at all, especially the former.

I am sure after 7 days and hours of walking and listening to my inane ramblings, ‘T’ will be ready to push me from a large height 😁.

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