12 months…

Just over 12 months ago I started to get to know someone new. Initially it was just text chat. I was so intrigued. She was so funny, easy to talk to and she fascinated me.

After a few weeks or more we decided to meet. I was so nervous, yet I knew that I would regret it forever if I didn’t.

On the first date, the first time that I saw her, heard her voice, watched her magical smile and amazing eyes… I knew. I remember saying prior that if it was not to be, could we remain friends.

At the end of the night after talking for what seemed like ages, I thought to myself, what would this very beautiful, intelligent lady see in me?

“I would like to see you again…” came the words ( her gorgeous voice). I was absolutely buzzing. I whooped and smiled all the way home, hardly slept.

Things progressed and we saw more and more of each other. Lovely date nights and adventures.

We have met each others friends and family etc. As one would expect, they are lovely people.

In the last 12 months we have had some fantastic times, however, also some very difficult issues to deal with. The ‘we’ is important. At no point has she never supported me. Always willing to talk things through, say the things that needed saying, regardless of how difficult, and always with a calm and rational mind. Our issues are shared.

We do not always agree. That is ok. We respect each others views. I massively value her opinion.

I get overwhelmed by how fantastic she is. So considerate and understanding. A truly beautiful soul. So easy to get along with. Not at all precious or vain, yet incredibly attractive.

I catch myself observing her and smiling. How she walks, her concentrating face, her low level acceptance of bullshit, her eyes…

The future is not guaranteed, that past cannot be changed, however the now is amazing. Absolutely amazing, regardless of the chaos. I count my blessings everyday. Love you TK ❤️

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