For the first time in a while I feel mentally awake (I could still sleep like a baby at any point in time however). 2 weeks of relaxing and switching off from almost everything has been just what we needed. You do not realise how much chatter goes on between your ears until you have the opportunity to dial back the volume to zero.

It was not that we lay around sunbathing doing nothing, far from it. Most days we were out and about absorbing the sights. It was lovely.

Spending time in a very different place is amazing. The average wage is atleast 10 times lower than the UK. The cost of living obviously lower but not to the same extent.  The most interesting thing is how happy and relaxed the locals seem to be. Why? Religion? Expectation? Living in a beautiful place? They seem to have something sorted.

The only thing that concerned me was the driving. Scooters were everywhere (cheap transport). They were inches from each other and cars, overtaking, undertaking, riding on pavements, sometimes a whole family on one bike, ignoring any sense of a driving code. Scary. Yet they all seemed happy to roll the dice and make a simple journey into some crazy challenge of getting from A to B slightly faster than the next guy.

Seeing monkeys roaming the streets, full of mischief was incredible, if not a little surreal. Waiting for an opportunity to steal food or just wind people up 😁

Back to reality and work, house renovation etc. have started to fill my mind. However a sense of calm and peacefulness are prevalent and although the future is somewhat of a mystery at the moment I am not phased by anything that may occur.

I would not be honest if I didn’t say that I wish some things were different, however many things are out of my control.

A family member, who I spent lots of time with as a youngster, has just discovered that he has cancer, again. He cannot work and has a family to support. The response from all that know him has been heartwarming. My Mum is struggling more and more with health issues. She never complains or looks for sympathy however.

This puts many other issues into perspective. Life is very short, can be very difficult, happiness can be fleeting and can change at the drop of a hat. All I can do is enjoy the now and look forward with a sense of positivity, which is exactly what I am doing.

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