Two wheels heal …

A few weeks ago (this was written in early September but I forgot to publish it πŸ™„) I took my partner out on my bike. She enjoyed it, I think. I loved it although I was quite nervous. Time is short at the moment, however a few hours focusing on staying upright and making sure that my very precious pillion is ok and safe, is a great way to focus the mind. Switch off from all the drama and chaos.

So where does it go from here?

I have no cash. However I need a different bike. A cb650 is a good bike, but not the best for 2 up riding. Screaming the motor as it has nothing low down. The obvious choices, something with some torque and more comfortable for my wingman, are sports tourers. VFR1200, BMW KT, kwak gtr 1400… Shafties with grunt, and a relatively low seat height. 2 up is tricky at low speed and my inside leg measurement is lacking in that sense πŸ™„.

It will have to be older and basically a straight swap cash wise for my current bike. There is no rush however and the weather is not bike friendly right now.

A bit of research required and maybe some test rides. In saying all that my car is showing signs of needing to retire… Priorities need to be considered. Clearly bikes win that one 😁

My house is in desperate need of some TLC. I have a functional bedroom once again and a bathroom that is free from risk of dysentery. Another bedroom next so my children can stay over. Hopefully not too demanding although wiring etc. Needs to be sorted.

Thereafter the down stairs hall, dining room and kitchen. The flooring was going to be replaced, however, my interior dΓ©cor advisor has suggested a renovation job, I think she is right. A bit of work and it could look great.

The kitchen is tiny, however I don’t need a big kitchen. My culinary skills are from needing much more, and kitchen discos can migrate to the dining room.

A bit of gardening over the winter and it should be good for next year.

Exciting times… If not hectic.

The real exciting thing is a holiday. 10 days, with my favourite person and no work.

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