What a difference a year makes …

12 months almost to the day that I bought a my new bike ready for my mini adventure to Espanol. I have never been overly attached to anything material. The experience and adventure of riding has always been the ‘Thing’ not the bike itself (Same with most other things – I much prefer the experience of the journey and destination over the stars above the door of the hotel, the quality of the media over the size of the screen or speakers). However I do really love my Honda. I really miss her at the moment too. Lock down and sub zero temperatures have limited any excursions.

The day that I bought it I was in a rush to get home as it was my good friends 50th B’day party that night up in Liverpool. I rode it home thinking the different riding position felt very weird and I almost had reservations. Will I get used to it? etc.

That night my family and I (less the eldest one as he was working at a music venue – remember them?) headed to Liverpool. I had a few beers to ‘relax’ (reduce my social anxieties that I hide very well). I met my friend’s sister in-law, his wife’s sister, for the first time and only time (I may have met her at the wedding, however booze gives rise to bleary memories). Loud, seemingly care free and full of energy, and a really good laugh. Unbeknown to me she had just got the all clear from cancer. I learnt this week that she had passed away from another cancer aged only 54. Life can be so frigging cruel!!! I feel so sorry for all the family and friends.

For myself, the last 12 months have been turbulent. Giving up booze was in hindsight the best and most well timed decision that I have made in a long while. I am actually quite impressed with myself (I do mention it more than I should and probably bore people to death. I am sure a drunken me was way more annoying however). Covid and lockdowns have been the backdrop to almost everything. My mental health suffered big time (still far from great, however manageable mostly). Family issues and the breakdown of my 23 year marriage have been so very difficult. Devastating in fact. Money and work stresses. However …

My daughter is going to be Mummy!! Which inevitably means that I will become a Grandad!!! All very strange to even imagine but a magical thought.

I have found a house that I am trying to buy. It is not my dream home by any stretch (no picturesque cosy rural pad with a babbling stream and a large barnlike workshop or a house with sea views), however I am sure with a bit of extreme DIY that I can make it my own. I have never before lived on my own for any length of time so I am very nervous and anxious. However, for all the sadness that precedes such an event it is will hopefully be the start of happier times for everyone.

One thing that it does not have is a garage. So I will have to build something for my bike and numerous tools as a priority. As for the other stuff like something to sit on, sleep on etc. I will have to rough it for a while. Minimalist shabby chic, not to be confused with a crack den, will be the unintentional styling. I have plenty of pictures that invoke happy thoughts and memories for the wall which will hopefully influence my mood in a positive way.

I am not superstitious, however the house number is 8, which is considered good luck in some cultures and is also a positive in many religions. The last 3 characters of the postal are the same as a house we have previously lived in. The road opposite has the same name as a US state I once lived in and an adjoining road has the same street name as where I live now (for almost 20 years). All very coincidental but fun to think that the forces that we do not understand are at work 😉 .

So much change, good and bad, happy and sad. Completely unpredictable. I never would have thought that I would be writing a blog about my musings. It really helps however. Anonymous as it is, it does feel like that I am getting stuff off my chest and able to rationalise these crazy times that we find ourselves in.

Take care. Enjoy the now.

Shots Fired!!!

Where do I start?

The US, the home of capitalism is falling apart it seems. All my suspicions over what an abhorrent and dangerous man Donald Trump is had now been confirmed, yet he has a strong following … willing to storm the Capitol with an intent to harm others and “take our country back”. Idiots.

In the UK our government are equally detestable, but just divert money to their friends and enjoy starving the poor, particularly children and not paying nurses and other key workers anywhere near enough. Whilst the daily reading public scream about extreme left and their soft socialist visions.

Anyway… My cousin is apparently looking at our family history and called my Dad to inform him about his findings…

My great grandfather worked as a shotfirer in the coal mines. He was killed when 2 shots failed to fire and when he inspected them they detonated. His was wife, my great grandmother had a breakdown and went into an asylum never to come out. My grandfather was about 6 months old at the time. Basically orphaned.

I am not sure who raised him, however when he was older my grandfather too worked as a shotfirer in the mines. However when my dad announced he was going “down the pit” he was most upset, in the knowledge that it was a dangerous place to work. My Dad obviously took no notice and did it anyway.

My Dad then went on to see an average of one death a year for the 9 years he was down there. He talks about it on rare occasions and it clearly had a massive impact on him. One of the few times I have ever seen him upset is when talking about the bad memories he has of that time.

You may ask WTF this has to do with motorbikes etc. Well in this crazy world where we are bombarded with all manner of things and the stresses of the modern world get all too much, I personally yearn to get on my bike to switch of from theses thoughts. Yet currently, weather and covid have limited how much I can ride. My cravings are getting strong.

So, if coping with my life stresses is so difficult how the hell did coal miners cope with the daily threat of death?

My grandfather was probably 5’5″ and about 9 stone. Yet he would drink his own body weight in ale regularly and fight men twice his size if they upset him whilst doing so. His nickname, Wacker, was very apt.

My Dad, not a big drinker in comparison, but did have temper his youth.

So drinking, fighting and general raging was their way to cope with the stress maybe (although many miners were different I am sure), rather than sitting on a lump of metal capable of twice the legal speed limit with a tank of fuel between your legs.

I think the point I trying to make is modern life and inescapable capitalism is crap. We are busy, stressed and unhappy. Yet we are extremely well protected from the risks of old, with a standard of living that would have made us look like royalty compared to say my grandfather.

Regardless of how crap modern life is at times however, I believe it is healthy to remind ourselves of what previous generations had to endure and be grateful that we are not at risk of death whilst filling the printer with paper.

2020 What a Year!

Well as 2020 draws to a close in a few weeks it is only natural to reflect, especially given the events.

Covid has certainly shown many people in their real light. People looking after the vulnerable and being so very brave and selfless (I am so grateful for such beautiful souls), yet others being utterly selfish beyond comprehension. The latter coming from a place of ignorance I am sure. Compassion for your fellow humans is not difficult. However with a government that has demonstrated how self serving and inhumane it is then it is not a great example.

There is reason to be more upbeat however. A vaccine is now being administered and Trump will soon be out on his fat orange arse. We just need the UK to come to it’s senses and get the current government out (and a vaccine for Stupid). I really think once covid is behind us that we should riot. Peacefully obviously. These public school folk need a wake up call.

On a personal note it has been a very turbulent year. Some very bad times, yet as with most things, the Yin and Yang of life, there has been some truly joyous things. 2021 will certainly be very different for me and my loved ones. Life is a crazy ride sometimes; A roller coaster that would not even pass the most relaxed of safety standards.

The Isle of Man TT races is cancelled again for 2021 and that could mean the end of an era for some (John McGuiness for one). 2022 will be a party no doubt and I have every intention of being there.

A credit for a cancelled channel crossing into the EU will be used at the earliest convenience. Into a land that we can no longer say we are part of. Many voter’s tricked into deciding the future, predicated on lies.

So where will I go?

France by default. Spain (Madrid and the Pyrenees) or maybe Italy and the Alps. I am not making too many plans or dreams just yet.

The CB500S project will most certainly be sold as spares as I do not foresee my time, enthusiasm and energy being available. It does not owe me much and I am sure eBay will return most of that.

I will no doubt write a whole list of things that I want to do in 2021 and will very likely not get to do many of them. We should all have goals and dreams however.

One thing is for sure, the adventures and experiences will undoubtedly be 2 wheels related and filled with joy and memories. There has been enough heart ache and nightmares.

Whatever the event, however painful, I do believe one should always look for something to learn from it.

Joni Mitchell once sung “That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Bob Dylan “The times, they are a-changin’ “. However, none more apt than the following, from my yet to be released song “I am utterly lost, my head’s in bits. My life is a toilet and I’ve got the shits. A flush, a wipe, these days will surely pass. Stand tall, don’t look back, shake that fecking ass!”. It may need work, especially for radio.

2020 has changed the filter through which I see the world. For the better? I really do not know yet, it is early days.

All the best for 2021!

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World suicide prevention day.
2020 has been particularly hard for many people. Advances in technology and global capitalism are in general not making us any happier.

Social media distorts reality. People living ‘their best life’ and bombardment of tragedies. What you follow becomes an echo chamber to the point of overload. There are also strategic high-level shit going behind all main social media sites, just be aware.

Statistics show little correlation between suicide rates and wealth. A slight trend to equatorial regions having lower rates, but not much else besides the society that you live in, age group and gender, based on my very limited research.

Men still battle the macho expectations and feel weak opening up about issues. “Big boys don’t cry” was a common mantra when I was young. The British fighting spirit! Suicide rate in soldiers does not support this mindset sadly.

Many don’t want to listen to people ‘just being miserable’ and getting dragged down; self preservation. Completely understand this and you yourself have to be in a good place to help others. Statistics show that helping others makes people happier.

It is human nature to feel depressed at times. Go with it. However feeling hopeless, a burden, trapped, living in fear of not able to provide, not seeing joy in things, constantly comparing to others, guilt etc. is not a sustainable way to live. Many hide this and appear fine until they are not.

Just because, in whatever state you get yourself into, you are convinced that there is no way out, there absolutely is!. Happiness is not stuff, jobs, houses, cars (motorbikes excluded), clothes, how you look in an Instagram picture, what others think of you. It comes from inside and your perception of the outside.

Taking time to look after your head is not selfish, far from it. Taking time to ask others how they are and actually listening is not being nosy or risking your own happiness. Asking others for help is not weak but one of the bravest things you can do. Please be brave.

Be kind to others. Their actions may be reflective of a troubled soul that needs some kindness to help it heal.

That black dog…

It has been a while…

The trip to the Isle of Man was obviously cancelled. The trip to France obviously cancelled. The work on the CB500 has come to a halt. Too busy and no motivation.

Work is like a long drawn out disaster movie most days. Glimmers of a plot twist and a happy ending are fleeting at best. A very unhealthy environment to be in.

My mind has been really struggling to find anything positive in anything. There have been some very very dark days.

It is so very hard to explain. So many good things, so much to be grateful for. It could be so much worse. The black dog does not care. He will steal those happy moments from you, rich or poor, healthy or sick.

The stresses of a global pandemic, working for company that is being drip fed money, difficult home life and a being on the receiving end of a corrupt government, just got too much. So is it even depression or a culmination of circumstances?

Having people to talk to and a much needed hug is a massive thing that some do not have. I you are offered a hand of support take it. Do not be too proud or embarrassed. Those that offer the hand often understand more than you think.

Earlier this week I learned of the death of someone who I didn’t know well but knew enough to know she had a heart of gold. She truly did. Her legacy, besides some very famous songs with her vocals on them was an outpouring of sheer love from her friends and fans. What a fabulous impression she made on so many people.

This is what life is about? The bonds you make with people, how you make others feel through acts of kindness and support.

You cannot possibly be the best version of yourself for others unless your inner core is happy and content. This often relies on others to an extent (reciprocating of support to fellow humans), however typically the buck stops with you. Self care is not selfish, it is imperative.

If riding a bike, being creative, having some chill out time, exercise etc. are vital ingredients to a more content you, then unselfishly they have to be a priority. It is difficult to justify such things when we are so busy with work etc. yet that is the time when it is most important.

So, forget all the social media ‘living your best life’ facade. Life is tough sometimes. When it is, look after yourself and do not feel like you have suppress unhappy feelings. If people are upset by you feeling the strain then that is a clear signal that they are not who you need at that time.

If you need to prioritise yourself and say No to others do not feel guilty. Get out and give your mind the hugs that it needs in whatever way works.

A different route

74 days. 74 days without booze if I exclude one night a few weeks ago. I didn’t see that as a fail. There are no rules. It was confirmation that when things get a bit too much alcohol is not the solution.

Real people, family and genuine friends are the comfort you need. They make time regardless of their own shit. Their support is what will see you through a rough patch not Gin. Hold them close, they are a rare.

Never say never however; I am quite enjoying not drinking. It was a compulsive thing. Habitual. I am more relaxed in my thoughts, generally. Less anxiety. More positive. I am not committing to any future. Just appreciating now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still stressing about stuff but my reaction is less frantic (apart from one stand out anomaly, which was atypical in circumstance). The whole corona virus is distorting reality however so I have no idea what is normal currently.

My thoughts are rarely about booze anymore, although they sometimes were a constant distraction e.g. “A what point can I be sure I don’t need to drive anywhere so I can have a drink”. I was not drinking heavily on a daily basis, but too much regularly and to excess on nights out and weekends. Any excuse. I did not feel hungover, however now I feel more awake. I guess, it is similar to someone realising they are becoming overweight before the seemingly inevitable morbid obesity is reached.

WTF has this got to do with bikes? The decision to find sobriety came half way through a bike trip. Would it have happened anyway ? May be at some point, but definitely not that point in time otherwise. I have also found the motivation since to start a project bike.

The dangers of motorbikes are often discussed (rightly so, they are dangerous), however, the benefits rarely get a mention.

Stir Crazy…

The lockdown, although essential, is a strain. It is a strain listening to lying politicians, watching idiots flout the rules and just living in a surreal environment.

Worried about your family, vulnerable loved ones, your sanity, your income. This is on top of all the other things that sometimes cause a traffic jam on your motorway of thoughts. On occasion, multiple vehicle pile ups. Mental health issues were rife before covid, now they are ubiquitous.

To cope with anything stressful and consuming I have learnt that I need a distraction. Luckily I am still working, however that is stressful and something that I need actually need distracting from. Besides much needed family time I have started turning a knackered old cb500s into something different.

I got it well over 12 months ago. It was cheap, however I didn’t realize how knackered it actually is. A winter rat bike was the obvious use.

Let’s be honest they are a cracking bike for commuting etc. however they have the looks and character of an ugly thing that lacks character.

Not dissimilar to the one below, albeit with level of ‘patina’ typically found on motorcycle salvaged from a sunken car ferry. I never thought, or felt the desire, to take photos of the actual bike before I started dismantling it.

Pretty much everything is shot. Does it even run? The carbs needed a clean. Rebuilt them and put a car battery on it. It started on the spray can and then ran under its own steam before revving to 5000rpm of its own accord and getting very hot (exhaust header glowing). Air leak.

After convincingly myself it is salvageable, and I can sell a lot of the bits that I don’t use, I started the strip down.

Lots of looking at other bikes for inspiration. The answer is some kind of a flat tracker type thing. Budget is tight so a bit of creativity required.

Engine is out. Swing arm next.

I am looking forward to seeing all the project bikes that people have been working on during lock down. I am hoping lots of apocalyptic Mad Max style bikes.

However, the time is now! The sun is shining and my commute is definitely a 2 wheel one today! Another activity, albeit now restricted to purely commuting, that helps to keep the darkness out. Just need to drag an old Honda engine out of the way to get my other bike out.

Take care and keep each other safe. “Back to normal” may be a way off yet, and ‘normal’ was not necessarily that great. One positive is that I hope many will realise that the future is never certain and life is very short.

The Apocalypse

Just less than 3 weeks since my return from Spain and the world has changed (forever). To think that I almost went to Northern Italy. I could have been at the epicenter of Europe’s Corona outbreak. Flights to Bergamo were looked into. Another blessings counted!

There is so much suffering and fear of the future. People are losing everything, loved ones, mentors, jobs, businesses. Vulnerable people frightened of the ‘rona’.

Plans, holidays, events, dreams shattered. World’s turned upside down in a way we have never known before.

How is society reacting? Some amazing acts of kindness. Real heroes, my wife being one. Working tirelessly to keep vulnerable people safe, with complete disregard to her own well-being. She is not alone. Many key workers are doing amazing things. Humbling.

People (including me) are struggling to accept that you may not be able to properly visit your parents for maybe 9 months or more. No hugs to try and comfort them. I have cried thinking about this.

The Ying and Yang of every situation also highlights the vulgarities and selfishness of humanity. People making no attempt to protect themselves, and hence others, from infection. Hoarding of essential items, supermarket shelves empty of necessities. Denying very needy people and key workers basic supplies. The plastic population whining about trivial things.

The world leaders struggling to cope with the enormity. The masses struggling to cope with world leaders. Trump failing miserably, lying to support stock prices so he can benefit, racist comments with significant knock-on affects. The UK having similar issues. Boris bumbling along, looking way out of his depth. Farage finger pointing to insight hatred. Yes the virus originated from China (apparently). BSE originated from the UK. Many Brits will see them very differently however.

My daughter has got upset about her best friend, of Chinese descent, getting bullied by the truly ignorant.

Seemingly intelligent people misreading advice, creating facts based on their opinions or to suit their stories. Lying about symptoms. Trivialising it as ‘only flu’ or it has killed way less than xyz (if a serial killer of 10 a month in your neighborhood was joined by one who was only killing 3 a month would you not worry about the latter?)

Let’s not forget, some people don’t have the capacity, common sense emotional intelligence or are scared, in denial or whatever it may be. Be kind to them. We all have huge issues and difficulties currently. Let’s not make it harder for each other.

It all feels very surreal and the future uncertain. I was enjoying self isolation in my own crash helmet 3 weeks ago and now the whole world is now dreading a very different time of solitude.

I have no magic wand, no words of advice. One thing is for certain you never know what’s around the corner. Carpe Diem

Published …

A very popular motorcycle publication often asks for content so like the fame hungry wannabe that I am, I obliged …

The route map is completely wrong. They even moved Santiago 300 miles east!

For the record …

Day 1 – Santander – (N621) Potes
Day 2 – Potes -(N621) Riano – Astorga
Day 3 – Astorga – Santiago de Compostella
Day 4 – Santiago de Compostella – Vigo – (N304-1)Lindoso – (N308-1)Braga
Day 5 – Braga – (N222) Freixo de Espada à Cinta
Day 6 – Freixo de Espada à Cinta – Salamanca
Day 7 – Salamanca – Burgos – (N623) Santander

It’s all good. I get a free t-shirt too!!


With about 7 hours left on the ferry I am pondering, reflecting, thinking.

Have I enjoyed my mini adventure? Immensely! Memories made.

29 years ago I traveled across Europe by rail with two close friends. One of which is sadly no longer with us in person. I wish I had kept a journal. The memories are fantastic, however the details fade. Hence my notes now.

We are here for an indeterminate amount of time. You cannot live everyday like it’s your last but we can make better use of our time here. Like Mick Extance, the most successful British Dakar rider ever, competes in the event again at 57 to show the world a ‘touch and go’ 15 hour brain operation should not stop you doing what you love doing.

Riding is better in the sunshine. So are most things. Don’t let a bit of torrential rain stop you. A fair analogy to life?

Traveling, seeing new things, observing cultural differences is good for you I believe. Traveling alone is a mixed bag. Ultimately you can do what you like, however a lack of companionship can sometimes affect your mood. To ride at your own pace, slowing to appreciate eagles and vultures overhead and not hanging off someone else’s brake lights is how it should be.

In a group, typically, you do the most popular option. Group dynamics could get annoying too I’d imagine.

On the ferry out there was a group of about 9 BMW GS riders. 40-60 years old. A BMW GS, with GS pants and socks I would imagine. Nothing wrong with that. However, one of the bunch, was an arrogant gobshite. Drunk, swearing and talking at a volume significantly higher than necessary. Slagging off foreigners, when you’re on a French boat, traveling to Spain is embarrassing. A ‘Gammon’ is the word now used to describe such people. If I had to spend a day in his company I would not have enjoyed it. Thankfully I didn’t. Twat.

My route, although very slightly influenced by someone who had experience of the area (gratefully received), was my decision. It worked out perfectly all things considered. I could have done things differently, but I wouldn’t have changed it. Madrid, Seville, Valencia etc. are for another time. A road trip (on 4 wheels), with Mrs B (and all or some of the little Bs too) to see such places would be marvelous. Maybe one day even a Camino adventure.

The preparation, route planning, anticipation, anxiety, panic, excitement, visualisation of what was coming etc. were all part of the experience. Time on your own is difficult but necessary, for me anyway. No TV, radio, little internet. Just your own thoughts.

We all have our demons and fears. They are real, even if irrationalal. Others may not be aware or appreciate them. We are all different. We need to be kind to each other and ourselves.

Mr Extance was telling me that prior to boarding the Ferry from Morocco to Spain he was set-up. A fake van inspection and a young lad jumped in the back and hid amongst his stuff. He suspected something was not right. He got to the police check and had a scan prior, to discover a 16yr old boy in one of his large holdalls. He closed the van and informed the police. The police got the boy out. The boy expressed a sincere apology to Mick and his partner. He was frightened. He had nothing to his name. He wanted a better life. To maybe pick fruit or wash cars at an exploitative rate of pay. Desperate.

Many people risk their lives in search of a better existence. How bad must their situation be? A significant proportion of the UK see such desperate souls (well educated, multilingual folk too) as an invasion of their precious island. Vitriolic hate spread across newspapers and social media, blaming various issues on immigration with little evidence or blatant lies. Racism dressed up as something more acceptable. The attention the likes of Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson get is very sad. What is also sad is that they make a decent income from their blinkered followers.

A slight political tangent, however my point is, we must have understanding and empathy. Regardless of skin colour, country of birth, religious beliefs. Be nicer to people. We have no idea what issues they have. Make them feel welcome. Statistically people who are kinder to others are in general happier. We all want to be happier don’t we?

As corny inspirational sentences go, one I can confirm to be true – Four wheels may move the body, but 2 wheels definitely move the soul!

Adiós por ahora damas y caballeros