22 years is even longer…

22 years ago today I heard the news on the radio that Joey Dunlop had been killed racing in Estonia. I was away in Devon.

If you do nothing else after reading this Google Joey Dunlop if you are unaware. He was an incredible man. Road racing legend and very much loved by all who met him.

He apparently never signed contracts, a handshake was enough. He worked on his own bikes… He was a world champion and 26 times TT winner, with works mechanics at his disposal, yet he got his hands dirty and his understanding of motorcycles was incredible. A different breed.

When it came to drinking the black stuff … For a wee fella apparently he had an insane ability to drink lots and show few signs of the affects.

He hated human suffering and would drive alone in a big van, full of donated clothes, to eastern Europe to orphanages that were in desperate need. He would sleep in freezing temperatures in his van. Not one for creature comforts.

I remember shedding a little tear at the time, yet so pleased that he lived his life to the fullest. He was my TT hero and still is.

Godspeed William Joseph Dunlop!!!